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I’d just as soon be lucky

Results matter. Consistent results are even better. According to many historians, Napoleon was more interested in a pattern of good fortune for his generals than technical skill sets.

“I know he’s a good general, but is he lucky?”
– Napoleon Bonaparte –

A friend and I were target shooting a few days ago. I was shooting my .22 pistol while he shot his .22 rifle, 9mm pistol and 12-gauge pump.

He offered to let me shoot each. I did a few rounds with the rifle, then took his offer with one 12-gauge slug. I selected the top-middle of the pictured array as my target – about 35 yards away, sighting with a little-bitty bead at the end of a relatively short Mossberg barrel.

It took a minute or so for me to find my hole in the target as I was looking for, hoping for a dark hole in the white area… certainly not a change in color for the bullseye.

He offered me more shots, but I said something like, “Oh heck no. I’m not about to spoil my record with another shot.”

… and the close-up of my luck shot