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invasion forces off our coasts

While people fret over the availability of trinkets to scatter under their Christmas trees this year, there is a much more grave possibility in the idled container ship armada.

In the past I have mentioned how easily shipping containers on the top of their stacks could serve as platforms to launch an EMP attack wiping our all electronics and electrical grids in our country… missile goes straight up for 50 miles, air burst nuke sends electronic overload wave over a wide swath with no possible defense against it.

In the top photo on the right you can see around 300 men lounging on the ship’s deck outside their shipping container ‘homes’. It takes less than 30 to run the ship. That is not crew. Imagine what else is in those containers.

A small fleet of Zodiacs could be launched after dark from numerous container ships simultaneously… a modern, stealthy D-Day on our shores… against a completely unprepared enemy. Containers could hold a huge number and variety of weapon systems that would be quite a challenge to defend against.

This would be in addition to the millions who hate us that have recently been imported and spread all over the inside areas of our country. Nearly all fighting-age men easily armed from mosque basements and storage units in every major city.

I am not a military strategist nor connected to any inside information. I do, however, pay attention to outlying information sources and am fully aware that the Bilderberg Group, New World Order, Satanists or whatever you want to call our enemies MUST take down the USofA before their dream of controlling all life on this planet can be realized. We are their bump in the road.

If a gentleman farmer can see this potential, it won’t take much brainpower in the enemy camps to come up with the plan and to execute it.

In his book Partisan Operators Journals -Volume 1, John Jacob Schmidt uses a Chinese military invasion of the west coast moving east as the well-equipped, high-tech enemy.

You ought to read the book for an interesting slant and response. It spent years out of print. The second printing is running out. Do not dally if you want a copy (I highly recommend it).