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Moving forward from here

In another gem featuring Doctor Carrie Madej, she demonstrates her outstanding courage, creativity and wisdom to chart a path through the storm for healthy communities and people.

She does not say it will be easy, but she is personally showing the way by example as well as sharing that knowledge as widely as she can. Here I do my tiny part to help.



Dr. Madej has been fearlessly marching this path for years, making connections, gaining and sharing inside knowledge, leading, guiding, following, all while apparently ignoring the obvious threat to her mortal life posed by those with proven track records of assassinating humans for much less.

While she makes only small mention of it, The Plan as it stands today will see a HUGE SPIKE in adolescent polio-like paralysis among children going to government-controlled schools this year.

“Pull your kids out of school NOW”, she advises.

Among other major gems.

– Ted –