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one down …

The cocktail flag signalling the end of the day’s sailboat racing and beginning of the beach party

I’m flying my cocktail flag here today. One of the overpaid, psychopathic professional liars left his mortal body behind.

Why didn’t Colin get the memo?

Had he run out of useful things they had in mind for him?

After two “vaccine injections” he died of COVID complications. That is a clever twist on wording.

The psy-op that is COVID was created to market the toxic vaccines. Thus, when one or more of those injections kill, that is truly a result of the psy-op.

The picture I included of him is the first one that comes to my mind when I hear his name.

He was testifying in front of the United Nations, lying to the world about why the USofA war machine had to spend the next two decades burning money, killing people, and destroying property in Arabia.