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finding the calm in the storm

So much of what I see, read, hear, fight against … so much of my world and what I share here is about the evil forces and their assault on everything we appreciate about our world.

Once in a while a supremely positive note comes my way. I need those. You probably do as well.

As I read the mantra below I was inspired to do as it instructed. But where?

Where in my current world is the right place to connect with my spirituality, nature, the cosmos …?

Recalling when I was most at peace and in harmony with the natural world took me to the Pacific Coast. Walking, jogging, laying and playing on the sandy beaches with the music of the surf providing the audio track was IT.

The home of my first 50 years was less than an hour from that. That scene is for all practical purposes unreachable for me today. This clip will have to suffice.

I intend to put the video replay on repeat mode and let it work its magic.

A poor substitute for the real thing, but it might help.

On to the mantra that inspired me this morning. Signed by Tone Mellard. I websearched and found an interesting site. The link above will take you to another great post there. I was inspired to rummage around a bit. Maybe you will be too.

– Ted –

P.S. The surf video is at my channel. If you want to revisit it at any time for the peace it offers, here is the direct link:

The biggest investment you can make right now is in your own frequency.

This realm is not easy. Not for anyone.

It has been set up this way, as a means to siphon off our energy.

Not our true energy. The energy of love, and compassion. Empathy.

But to poke and prod. To distract. To take us away from our true essence.

The installation and constant manufacturing of fear. Stress. Lack. Danger.

These lower vibrations are the sustanence of this matrixes shadow manipulators.

Knowing this is the first step into ripping out their vampirical energy siphons.

Do all you can to see the artificiality of their programs. The deception. The mind manipulations. See it completely for the facade it is.

Remove its power from your mind, your soul, your energy field. Take back your energy. Your vibration. Step out of their pathetic games. Command your vibration.

Meditate. Practice deep, focused breathwork. Clear your sovereign, personal space continuously. Sage often.

Pray, and talk directly to God, and your higher self. Ask them to guide and protect you now, and at all times.

Get into nature, and connect deeply to its pure spirit.

Continuously affirm: “I am of the highest light and vibration in creation. Nothing but the highest light and energies may enter my sovereign space. And so it is.”

You are a most powerful and holy Being.

Center into your heart and soul, and this constructs’ magic and manipulations can no longer reach you.

You become untouchable.

By Tone Mellard