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false flag imminent

They need a major False Flag to get the apocalyptic ball rolling. I am seeing quite a few predictions and warnings that a 911-scale false flag is imminent.

While The New World Order manipulators have a lot of disasters close to execution and are well along in their scam-demic, vaccine bioweapon implementation, they seem to have lost the initiative as more of us continue to wake up.

Who needs to be demonized?

Gun owners, particularly those with AR-15s and other useful defensive rifles are the greatest barrier to the Police State they are closing in on. Super extra points for getting at those who practice, particularly as teams and squads.

AHA! Stage a shooting theater with a dozen white guys in cammo in a primarily black church. Blame it on Militias, Oath Keepers, recent war veterans … I think it will be something like that.

The registration, confiscation plans will be amazingly well prepared for instant retribution (against people who had nothing to do with the supposed, but fake event.)

Lined up are numerous disasters that will weaken our resistance. I expect them to unleash as much hell as they can as soon as the attack on our primary defense tools begins. Said another way, the next big false flag event will be the opening act. Expect much of the below right behind it.

Grid failure … flip of the switch
phone outage … whenever they want to
Internet crash … tested on Faceplant, flip of the switch away
delivery system breakdown … work in process
military invasion … part way there, much more waiting in the wings
biological warfare … tested, delivery systems already operating
monetary crash … flip of the switch
digital currency … tested, ready to go at any time

Since their goal is total societal collapse with them coming out the other side in charge of everything left standing, they are likely to flip their switches and pull their plugs all at once.

Surviving emotionally, spiritually and physically will be challenging and important.