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EVERYTHING will be held against you

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are quite happy to bear witness against their customers. EVERYTHING you say, do, write or think will be held against you.

Ah, but the tinfoil hat people knew that long ago and took their online business to Proton Mail.

ProtonMail is incorporated in Switzerland and all our servers are located in Switzerland. This means all user data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws.

The problem there is they only claim to protect customer privacy. In a recent well-publicized case, when the coppers asked, Proton delivered. *POOF* from real privacy to a much more dangerous illusion of privacy.

The Internet, The Cloud, social media, the telephone system, 5G, “smart” appliances, most of modern technology is designed to collect data on users thereof and ship that information to Big Brother’s repositories… where it can and will be used against you … AND anyone exposed to your smart junk.

With their ‘superpowers’, the Flippin’ Bumbling Instigators are attacking anyone complaining to their school boards about kiddie porn in their elementary schools, pedophiles on the staff, looters, arsonists and so on while letting what normal people think of as criminals go scott-free. There is a reason the FBI now hires proven order-takers rather than bright thinkers.

In the latest violation that lit my fuse this morning, GooGoo (part of Big Brother’s technology arm) is exposed agreeing to turn over everything on anybody using certain web-search words for any reason. The Kangaroo Courts will make quick work of these threats to peace and harmony.

Shopping for plumbing supplies could earn you a year in solitary confinement until their enhanced interrogation extracts your confession for buying pipe bomb materials. Uh, oh. Now I actually wrote one of their go-to search phrases under my masthead in plain English.

While the Forbes magazine article puts a nice spin on the most concerning parts, they do expose the partnership between Big Data and Big Police State. It does not take much reading between their lines to see where we really are today.

The U.S. government is secretly ordering Google to provide data on anyone typing in certain search terms, an accidentally unsealed court document shows. There are fears such “keyword warrants” threaten to implicate innocent Web users in serious crimes and are more common than previously thought.

NSA ‘cloud’ in Bluffdale, Utah

If you put it on the Internet at all or speak it in the presence of anyone’s “smart” device, THEY own it. Eight years ago they built this shiny-new repository that uses between two to four million gallons of water every month in the second driest USofA state to store, analyze, search all the data in the world for Enemies Of The State.

Ah, but well worth it because … TERROR!



DuckDuckGo, previously my go-to search engine is tarnishing its image. There is a new kid on the block worth using even in its Beta mode. This one is built by the right people for the right reasons. Put it into your favorite links and use it. BRAVE websearch.

However, while our using BRAVE encourages the right people to work for us in wholesome directions, don’t think for a minute that Big Brother is unaware, or willing to let you live unmolested.