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What is America?

As a formal entity, geographical location, the American continent is comprised of North, Central and South America. People living in Brazil are every bit as “American” as people living in Boston… though the latter are questionable 😉

You may have noticed that I often use “USofA” to be more accurate when referring to this place and its populace.

Nevertheless, cultures world wide, ours more than most, refer to America and Americans when they mean the country and peoples living in the United States of America. Internationally, they probably mean USofA military, industrial, covert, and economic projections into their regions.

But there is another aspect of this word and its use. I am referring to what many of us mean by the terms American and anti-American. In this application the word means for life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and all permutations of that.

Real Americans not only live and let live, they would defend to the death the rights of their fellow Americans to do the same.

It is those Americans that the globalist are fighting against.

It is that American they have put their planning, wills and resources into destroying.

That is precisely the American upon which liberty world wide is depending upon.

Let’s roll up our sleeves, engage our spirits, strap on our swords and do the job we were put here to do.