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logistics breaking down world-wide

You likely have seen similar images of cargo ships floating near all the major ports in the world. There is nothing accidental nor coincidental about this. It is going to hurt the little people A LOT… and statistically without exception, we are all little people.

In the era of the pandemic, the hyper rich have had their wealth multiply manyfold. In that same period, the middle class has been slashed and parasitic class exploded. This, too, is not accidental.

Fasten your seat belts, put your trays in an upright position … it starts getting rough from here.

Truck drivers refuse to get toxic injections and reduced free breathing (mask mandates) in order to move the shipping containers away from the ports. There is no room to unload cargo because of the mandates AGAINST THE TRUCK DRIVERS and longshoremen who work the ports.

The people who live in the port cities get what they deserve for placid compliance. The rest of us had better have our own Plan B.

An aspect of this that some people put out is the possibility of invading military men and equipment floating off our coasts in the sea of idle ships. There are numerous clues and/or concerns that politically, culturally and strategically, the war against our country will go HOT … soon.

Not impossible.

Have your affairs in order.