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letting go

For those of us with SOME humanity, it can be very difficult and painful to watch friends, family, even acquaintances proceed on bad information fed them by evil people. I have a Serenity Prayer printout framed, displayed prominently on the wall of my studio to remind me that I cannot control everything (good thing, that).

I cycle between deep, powerful empathy and deliberate distancing from problems I did not create and cannot control. Regular readers here see both of my personalities related to that.

I occasionally post reminders to self here that may also benefit people in similar locations on our travels through this mortality. I ran across a good one for us and republish here.

– Ted –

There are many types of sheeple out there, but there is a special type of sheeple whom, no matter how hard you try to awaken, how much evidence you place in front of them, they just cannot and will not accept even the slightest possibility that the reality you describe is even remotely possible let alone apparent.

Not because they don’t comprehend, or don’t believe but because they are scared.

They will fight fiercely to protect the fake reality that they cling too so dearly (they know deep down its a sham), they’re too weak to consider changing, too lazy to begin the process of unlearning all they’ve learnt and seeking new knowledge and understanding, too scared to stand up and take responsibility for their own lives let alone yours, too dumbed down to realize the consequences of their actions, so out of sync with nature and themselves that they don’t even sense danger anymore.

These special sheeple are fighting so fiercely for the system because they need GOVT to do their thinking for them, they prefer it that way, they’re exhausted by life, burnt out, low energy, low vibration and of lowly character, they are ready to submit, begging for the control.

What I have learnt over this last crazy year is, If I ever do encounter this special type of ‘ordinary’ sheeple, once I have identified and confirmed their type, I won’t give them a moment of my valuable time and energy, won’t even waste my breath!

We are not all meant to make it through to the other side of this pivotal point in history, leave them to it I say. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it think… I have now come to the conclusion that I’m playing my role, maybe I should just let them play theirs. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Awareness while living among, liking and loving the unaware is painful and difficult until you understand this. Truth is, I only intermittently hold these thoughts. Sometimes it just hurts to watch.

I am a whole lot better at dealing with my wounds, my blood, my pain, than anyone else’s… physical or emotional.

My assignment is to shepherd this spirit through this existence.

Do your job, man.