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Our future police state test run in Australia

The island nation is perfect for trying out the dream of a global police state. They are culturally similar to all of the tough-nuts-to-crack of Europe and North America.

The Crucial Step 1 was to have legislation and organization all ready for a false flag shooting event that steam-rollered national gun confiscation. None of this is possible without that.

It has not been easy-peasy since then as the Australians are finally feeling the fetters tightening around their wrists and fighting back with the only tools remaining: their vastly superior numbers.

But you might as well take a look at what happens when the peace officers are renamed LAW ENFORCEMENT, then brainwashed into us VS them, followed by the ruling class making up ridiculous slavelandia laws that the bully-mentality goons willingly enforce.

The embedded video below is 5 seconds long, but that is PLENTY. There is no audio portion, so don’t worry about your speaker volume.

That, folks, is where “they” want us to be in the near future. A few false flag events, scam-demics and other exciting shows and they figure we will get there world-wide.

Stand on your feet with courage and conviction or live on your knees.

Aussie Prime Minister gives speech about freedom at UN while his police brutalize citizens.

Do not misunderstand me or misrepresent my views. Those armed, uniformed people who THINK they are employed for the good of their country or society merely need to do exactly that. It requires of them a little thinking outside of what they have been TRAINED TO DO. They have to rise above the level of obedient attack dogs.

If that is too hard … uh, I’m sorry but
we do not have to kneel or die because they are not too bright

or deliberately chose employment where their bully fantasies could be lived out.

See the video below as the Italian Polizia choose to rejoin the human race and are warmly welcomed back. It IS that easy for those with humanity and functioning brains.

Absent those two things … well, not much of a loss, eh?