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Hydroxychloroquine VS respiratory assault

Monday night I went to bed with a high fever and chest congestion so bad I was panting in shallow breaths unable to take any deep ones. My inability to get oxygenated was frightening.

I ordered my body to relax, reducing my oxygen needs while I concentrated on moving as much air as I could through my clogged chest. I loaded up on night clothes and cranked up my rarely-used electric blanket to help the fever kill whatever was attacking.*

If it weren’t for Big Pharma’s agents’ success rates at killing the patients, I would have loved going to someone who could provide some relief. Finding a local MD with genuinely helpful tools is not realistic around here – as far as I know. The local hospital’s lethality reputation is abysmal. We are doing further research, but I have no optimism about finding good local answers.

Thanks to America’s Frontline Doctors and their Speak With An MD .com program, I had a telephone consultation much earlier this year, and resultant prescription for a course of Hydroxychloroquine on hand.

Tuesday evening I remembered that prescription and began using Hydroxychloroquine.

While my Tuesday evening fever was low-grade, the shortness of breath was the same as the night before. Without the need for excessively bundling up, I spent the night under a blanket in my recliner where the more upright positions aided my upper respiratory labors.

Wednesday I was feeling a lot better, but when I succumbed to actually doing stuff temptations I was quickly reminded that I was weak and better take it easy. I increased my expectorant** usage to the dosage recommended on my Health A2Z Mucus Relief label.

My Wednesday night breathing was close to normal.

I am now feeling quite good, but cautiously limiting my physical exertions to allow my body to focus its energy on full healing. The Hydroxychloroquine Rx is one tablet per day for seven, then one a week for a long time. I’m guessing the take-it-easy period should be about a week.

We can know for sure it was not The Flu. Modern medical reporting has eradicated the flu in the USofA.

What else did I not get?
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I do have a theory regarding what did actually attack my respiratory system. For average people suspicious of “conspiracy theories” I blame the forest fire smoke that has clouded our air for a couple of months.

I run multiple filtration systems in my home and workshop to somewhat mitigate that. I stay in those defended areas on EPA smoke alert days.

However, the nano-particles applied world-wide via spray planes are extremely small compared to smoke particles. I have read numerous articles and seen videos about their transitioning to including biological agents in their chemtrails. They have been working in that direction for decades. From the information that I find on our World Wide Web, those who wish to reduce human population by 95% have had more than a little success in their biological weapon development, including aerosol spraying thereof.

While we have no control over that, we can and should treat our immune systems and overall health with the utmost care we can muster.

That most emphatically does not include lining up for their toxic injections.

I also recommend connecting with an MD who has a full tool kit and the motivation we assume initially drew our medical care providers to that line of work.

* Fever is a mammalian tool for killing pathogens that cannot survive when the temperature exceeds normal ranges. Reducing fever is contra-indicated – A BAD IDEA, pushed by ignorant people. Don’t do that. HELP the fever by bundling up until the chill is gone. I measure my fevers by how much bundling is required to overcome the chills. Putting numbers to it, in my opinion, is a useless amusement.

** Cough is our respiratory system’s primary tool for getting rid of bad stuff that has landed there. Expectorant helps the coughs be more effective. Ignorant people add cough suppressants to their expectorants creating a drug that does more harm than good. Those with prescription power apply even worse assaults.

*** In both cases, use your head. Work WITH your body; not against it.