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Who is WHO (World Health Organization)

Those who want to eliminate 95% of humanity on Earth and dominate the remainder find beauty and symmetry in naming their lead agency thus. For one, it lends a warm-fuzzy cover to their toxic programs. The ironic twist they so love is that they feel cosmic health will result from culling the planet of those THEY select out of existence.

As George Carlin put bluntly, accurately and clearly, it is a big club, but you ain’t in it.

➝ World Health Organization (WHO). 🔦

These international criminals and royal and noble crime bloodlines are threatening society with more fake epidemics, weaponized forced vaccinations, wars based on lies, civil war, world war, martial law, and genocides. They are attacking society with secret societies, organized crime, corporate fraud, and electronic weapons. These bloodlines spread plagues and have been doing that for hundreds of years. These families are behind all the major wars including World War I and World War II. When real people stand up to tyrants like them they infiltrate opposition such as the American Revolutionary War which was hijacked by Freemasons. These criminals collectively have trillions of dollars in offshore accounts in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg and they are controlling the Bank for International Settlements. They extort governments and people and make hundreds of billions per year through organized crime. They torment people with electronic weapons. The entire electronic grid has been weaponized with neuro-bio hacking programs.

They finance continual lying in society through the media and entertainment. Their primary tactics are lying, making false accusations against people who expose them, and using phony arrogance to appear like they are in control at all times. The royals and nobles run all the religious organizations, secret societies and covert organizations like the Jesuits, Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Scientologists, Skull and Bones, Kabbalists, Wiccans, Five Percenters, Knights of Columbus, Knights of Malta, Shriners etc. They own the organized crime syndicates including all mafias, drug cartels, street gangs, and biker gangs. They oversee the global organizations like the United Nations, NATO, World Bank, IMF, World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, CERN, Maritime Law, INTERPOL, Conference on Disarmament, Red Cross, Geneva Conventions, etc. These criminals have infiltrated every government agency in the world through pedophilia, child sacrifices, criminal financing, bribery, secret organizations, and mafia tactics. They have designed all governments as corporate entities and chartered subsidiaries of their corporate houses and monarchies. They are mass human traffickers, mass murderers, and war criminals who commit crimes against humanity at all times.

The House of Glucksburg are a powerful royal bloodline that rule over Norway with King Harald V, Denmark with Queen Margarethe II, and also formerly ruled over Greece with King Constantine II of who is a ruthless tyrant. The Greek Glucksburgs are part owners of the Greek Mafia which specialize in infiltrating ports. They have part ownership of the Velentzas Greek mafia in New York. The Glucksburgs own the Pagans motorcycle gang which is involved in contract killings, human trafficking, and trafficking of methamphetamines. The Pagans MC club was founded in Prince George’s County, Maryland named after Prince George of Denmark. The Glucksburgs rule Denmark.

The family originates in Germany and the word Gluck means luck or fortune. Many of the Germany and Venetian nobility have some ancestry from Greece and the Byzantine empire. The former Greek nobility dominate over the global shipping industry and work closely with the British Peers and London merchants. The Greek royal family have businesses in London today. The Greek Mafia work closely with La Cosa Nostra and there are many wealthy Greek families in the United States. The Karadja family settled a branch in Germany and the Greek branch are the Kardashians today who have Armenian ancestry. Many Byzantine families were Armenian.

The Kardashians are wealthy and famous today because they descend from Greek-Armenian nobility and work under the Greek House of Glucksburg. The Kardashians are extremely evil sadists that burn children alive as sacrifices. The Bush family were the House of Bussche of Germany and before that they were the Vatatzes family of the Byzantine. Vatatzes or Batatzes means a bramble bush or briar in Greek. Prince Christophe of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg is the head of the House of Oldenburg-Glucksburg and his sons are Prince Friedrich Ferdinand, Prince Constantin, and Prince Leopold. Prince Christophe is the head of GLC Glucksburg Consulting Group. The German Glucksburgs are owners of the Galloping Goose motorcycle gang. The German Glucksburgs have a goose on their coat of arms.

The Vatatzes family ruled in the Empire of Nicaea during the early 13th century. Vatatzes is similar to Vatican just as the Council of Nicaea established modern Christianity under Emperor Constantine. The Glucksburg family also originated from the Byzantine Empire and are likely descendants of the Constantinian dynasty. The head of the Greek royal family today is Constantine II and he was the last reigning monarch of Greece. Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark is one of Constantine II’s sons and he is extremely evil. Prince Nikolaos’s wife Princess Tatiana went to Jesuit Georgetown and has worked with Diane von Furstenberg. When the royal family were exiled from Greece they stayed in Rome and later moved to London.

Queen Sofia of Spain is from the House of Glucksburg and her husband Juan Carlos of Spain was born in Rome while the Spanish House of Bourbon was in exile. Prince Pavlos of Greece went to the Jesuit University of Georgetown in DC with his cousin King Felipe VI of Spain. Pavlos’s son Prince Constantine Alexios of Greece and Denmark currently goes to Jesuit Georgetown. His other son is Prince Achileas-Andreas. The Glucksburg family are a younger branch of the German Oldenburg family which ruled in the town of Glucksburg, Germany. Prince Christoph of Schleswig-Holstein is the current head of the House of Oldenburg and the Duke of Glucksburg. Prince Christoph’s son is Prince Friedrich Ferdinand of Schleswig-Holstein. Prince Consort Henrik, Prince Frederik, Princess Mary, Prince Joachim, and Princess Marie are members of the Danish House of Glucksburg.

Moller-Maersk is a shipping company in Copenhagen, Denmark which is involved in international human trafficking. Moller-Maersk is headed up by Soren Skou the CEO. They traffic children to satanic witches and the Cult of Moloch. Ane Maersk Mc-Kinney Uggla is the chairperson for A.P. Moller Foundation which owns and controls Moller-Maersk. The name Uggla means owl. Moloch is accurately depicted as an owl and is the deity most witches worship. Moller like Moloch.

The word Gluck means luck or fortune. The Glucksburg are a very lucky family with large amounts of wealth and power in the world. Members of the Greek royal family have ties with London and carry out private business there like most of the royal families. One way that the Glucksburg family are so lucky or fortunate is because they cause misfortune for others that threaten their power. A Greek word for luck or charm is goiteia. Goetia is a form of sorcery and conjuring. They use witchcraft and covert methods to curse and ruin the lives of others that threaten their system or control.

The Glucksburgs have control over the World Health Organization and use the medical industry for making chemical warfare on society. Count Ingolf of Rosenborg is a member of the Danish Glucksburgs and oversees the World Health Organization. Rosenborg for Rosicrucian which are alchemists. Vaccines and pharmaceuticals is alchemy. They create clean and dirty vaccines. During public education they covertly mark students in their records for persecution. Children who think for themselves often get marked for this persecution which includes dirty vaccines.

The Greek royal family have authority over many of the fraternities and sororities in the world that are Greek based like Phi Sigma Kappa and Alpha Delta Phi. Alpha Kappa Alpha and its governing body the Boule Society is a Greek fraternal order for African Americans and it oversees black supremacists in the United States. They work with Holy Roman nobility which help manage Greek fraternities. Fraternities or brotherhoods are secret societies that use initiations similar to Freemasonry. They use secrecy because they are involved in plots to dominate over aspects of society like business, banking, and politics and they serve powerful families like the House of Glucksburg. Through these secret organizations they pay off or reward members to cause misfortune for those that threaten their system or power. Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark lives in Los Angeles and works in Hollywood.

Princess Alexia is married to Carlos Morales Quintana who was investigated for bribery in Spain and the Canary Islands. They have some ownership over the Caro Quintero Organization a branch of the Sinaloa Cartel. Robert Warren Miller is the father of Prince Pavlos’ wife Princess Marie-Chantal and he is worth about 2 billion. Robert Warren Miller owns Search Investment Group which partly owns Prince Pavlos’ company Ortelius Capital Partners. Prince Pavlos and his wicked wife Princess Marie-Chantal are child murderers and they oversee a large international human trafficking operation.

Marie-Chantal Miller oversees the Spanish actress Elsa Pataky and she is married to the child murderer Chris Hemsworth who bathes in children’s blood. Princess Marie-Chantal’s sister Pia Getty married with the Getty billionaire family in the US and she went to Jesuit Georgetown. The Greek royal family of Glucksburgs work with various shipping companies which are involved in human trafficking. Prince Pavlos of Greece worked for Charles R. Weber Company a ship brokerage firm located in Greenwich, Connecticut. Charles R, Weber has had contracts with Maersk-Moller and it advises merchant marine human trafficking. Princess Alexandra von Furstenberg is the daughter of Robert Warren Miller and her husband’s step father Barry Diller created Fox Broadcasting Network. Prince Nikolaos of Greece worked for Fox Broadcasting. The Danish and Norwegian Houses of Glucksburg are covertly managing the World Health Organization (WHO) which uses the Greek Rod of Asclepius of a serpent coiled around a staff. Serpents are venomous.

Queen Margarethe II of Denmark specializes in causing Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease as well as using vaccines and pharmaceuticals to cause forgetfulness. Modern medicine is being used as a form of chemical warfare and this is another way they cause misfortune and disease. It was Norwegian delegates that helped to establish the WHO. Gro Harlem Brundtland was Prime Minister of Norway for three terms and also Director General of the WHO. Halfdan Mahler was from Glucksburg controlled Denmark and the three time former Director General for the World Health Organization. Prince Haakon of Norway and Prince Pavlos of Greece are hidden overseers of the WHO.

Count Ingolf of Rosenborg is a high level authority over Rosicrucianism and the World Health Organization. Queen Margarethe of Denmark is a top authority over the World Health Organization. Gro Harlem Brundtland (Norwegian pronunciation: [ˈɡruː ˈhɑːɭɛm ˈbrʉntlɑnː]; born Gro Harlem, 20 April 1939) is a Norwegian politician, who served three terms as Prime Minister of Norway (1981, 1986–89, and 1990–96) and as Director-General of the World Health Organization from 1998 to 2003. She is also known for having chaired the Brundtland Commission which presented the Brundtland Report on sustainable development.

Halfdan Theodor Mahler (21 April 1923 – 14 December 2016) was a Danish physician.[1] He served three terms as director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO) from 1973 to 1988. Prince Haakon Glucksburg of Norway is a top authority over alchemical secret societies and a top authority over the World Health Organization. Prince Haakon is a blatant lunatic and he is a child murderer and pedophile that needs to be painfully executed. The Norwegian royal family are not even Nordic. They are German and before that they were Scythian and Arab which is why Prince Haakon looks like an Arab.