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Resistance is not futile, it is necessary

Sooner rather than later the all-seeing AI (artificial intelligence that IS Big Brother) needs to sense that an irresistible mass of us are approaching the point of resolve to resist. IF they were to allow us into that mood, we would crush them.

THEY must stop the Biden charade before WE get to that point.

Meanwhile, they are importing our bitter enemies for an upcoming shooting war, they are training the willing into abject obedience, they are injecting the willing and fence-sitters with toxic biological weapons, while building an US versus THEM mentality in the military and psuedo-military personnel who are of a sort to unquestionably follow orders while purging from enforcement cadre those who won’t.

The two-minute video top right is perfectly in line with the cultural and enforcement trajectories we are currently experiencing. This cannot be allowed to happen.

STOP IT… The AI must calculate that an overwhelming number of us are a very tiny nudge away from ropes, pitchforks, and other means of turning the ruling elites out of their castles, breaking down their protective cocoons, and crushing the police state before it crushes us.

YOU CAN, and must use their surveillance tools against them … inform all of your friends and electronic acquaintances that you are FED UP and won’t take any more.

That is IT.

From there we move to the post-Biden era.

Do not expect a Messiah to stop the war against liberty, however. It will merely move us to the next phase.

Be ready for that, too.

Lucky us. How we live our lives will have meaning.