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resistance rising to mandatory vaccines

The Ron Paul Liberty Report is an excellent news source. He and his co-host Daniel McAdams are very even-handed and quite knowledgeable. Ron is a genuine doctor with the best motivations inspiring him into that line of work. As an OB/GYN he delivered over 4,000 babies in a loving, caring, professional practice.

He also served over 20 years as a congressman from Texas, developing the nickname “Doctor NO” as he voted “NO” on every bill that ran counter to The USofA Constitution. He occupied a very lonely position, but did so steadfastly with superlative honor and integrity.

He also ran for President of These United States and would have won but for the second iteration of presidential election fraud that I was personally witness to. The epic flood of voters from all ideologies and age groups was impressive … dazzling even. But The Swamp feared him like nothing they had seen before and united to prevent the peasants from a non-violent way out of their subservience.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this video for people who might be positively influenced with their calm, factual, non-confrontational discussion of The Vaccine.

While much of what I share is too far a stretch for people in the other camp, these guys bring huge credibility to their highly palatable ‘middle positions’.

Please share with anyone you may know who does not have a death-grip on their ignorance.