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I’m back in the fight

My absence has been from seeing the two sides so firm in their convictions there was nothing I could say, do, expose, or explain to effect any change.

One of the best snapshots I get into The Other Side is our weekly extended family Zoom Meeting. One of the more successful brothers answered my wife’s anti-vaxx statement with, “There are two sides to that issue”.

He is absolutely correct.

On the one side we have people who have looked into, considered both sides. On the other are those who trust the wrong people to have done the research for them, ignoring anyone or anything that challenges their convictions. I am quite certain an open-minded person capable of reading English could not return to blind faith in “their leaders” having reviewed even a few of my postings under the search word “vaccine”.

Since I have no way to influence the boob tubes, I know I won’t reach its loyal believers. On the other hand are those who understand what is going on and have found numerous sources of legitimate information. I couldn’t dumb them down if I tried.

I took up a position waiting for The Big Show. Now I am retaking my previous station of sounding the alarm and sharing the fruits of my studies.

We are in a war. Not approaching, but in it now. Unfortunately the other side gets to do all the attacking as their weapons remain hidden from the masses.

Shining the bright light of truth on the dark forces is our only weapon with a chance of beating them.

I suppose I had better unholster my light saber.