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underneath Afghanistan

The picture above says it all, but that doesn’t stop me from commenting.

Rule #1: All wars are banker’s wars

Rule #2: Heads they win / Tails you lose

Rule #3: Peasants pay in lives while international bankers profit in dollars

The “foreign aid” (right) somehow never benefits the people of said country. It ALWAYS benefits the banksters, though.

Early on it was clear that opium was a significant chunk of their profits. That dang Tallyban was cutting off major portions of the CIA’s drug trade. You can mess with their dogs, you can mess with their wives, but business is business.


There was, of course, more ways the globalists could make the war work for them. The Military-Industrial-Complex that Eisenhower warned us about made dazzling profits during this period – see Who won the war in Afghanistan? for some insight to this.

Destabalization is always good to them. Keeping the rulers hopping from skillet to skillet always makes the country and its wealth easier for the globalists to manage with their bribery, threats and force. From their war footing in left Asia / upper Mediterranean they could smash any tin-pot ruler in that entire region who was attempting to liberate their people and/or resources from bankster hands.

Today a new one comes my way. I suspect dumb luck more than part of the initial plan, but tripping over huge precious mineral deposits while rummaging around in the Afghani pantry required another approach for keeping this windfall “IN THE RIGHT HANDS”.

and this, children, is why the USofA and NATO had to be replaced with Chinese control

There is no public accounting when the Chinese do business.

Nobody outside the inner circle can know where the wealth goes, or what it costs.

As George Carlin said, “They are all part of the same club – and you ain’t in it.”

Okay, I left out a couple words.

They didn’t help.