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Trust in media below 42%

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A recent Rasmussen poll revealed that 58% of the American people view the news media as “the enemy of the people.”

Think about that a moment. The Enemy of the People.

It’s astonishing really, particularly in light of how they were once revered. In fact, the news media had so earned the reputation of keeping an honest account of the three branches of government, they were bestowed the lofty title, “The Fourth Estate.”

In light of this, we are not at all surprised at the newly published hit piece on AFLDS by Time Magazine and NBC News.

Time and NBC, supported by billions of advertising dollars from Big Pharma and Big Government, are maliciously attacking AFLDS’ solutions to the real problems people face, including….

Offering alternative, cost-effective health solutions through our tele-med link that challenges the Big Government/Big Pharma narrative that only the shots and multiple follow up booster shots will protect people from Covid-19;

Advocating for early treatment usage of ivermectin, proven to work across the globe, yet this scientific truth is suppressed by the same media attacking AFLDS; and,

Proving, with the CDC’s own data, that vaccines will not protect people from delta and future variants, and have serious side effects, including death.

Our message directly contradicts Big Government, Big Pharma, and Big Media, including the censors of Silicon Valley—Twitter, Facebook and Google.

You can read AFLDS’ full response to Time and NBC here.

America’s Frontline Doctors is in this fight 100%. I know you are too. To that end, I hope you will please consider contributing to AFLDS today.

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Your tax-deductible gift will help our Legal Team, our Citizen Corps, and our newly launched News Division. Our News Division is another reason why the Big Media is attacking us—we’re going to do their job and bring you news that you can trust, that is reliable.

Thank you again for standing with AFLDS.

For Liberty,

Dr. Simone Gold, Founder
America’s Frontline Doctors

P.S. — Sadly, Americans understand that our once revered Fourth Estate, including institutions like Time and NBC, no longer have the best interests of the people at heart. The result is hundreds of thousands are turning to AFLDS for answers and real solutions. With your ongoing support, we will continue to fight against the Enemy of the People and provide you and your loved ones with real news every single day!