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Who won the war in Afghanistan?

The #military_industrial_complex got exactly what it wanted out of the war in Afghanistan.

👁👁 Defense stocks during the #Afghanistan War:

Lockheed Martin: 1,236% return

Northrop Grumman: 1,196% return

Boeing: 975% return

General Dynamics: 625% return

Raytheon: 331% return

Anyone who believes we were in there to help Afghan women and girls is a liar or a fool.


Operation Cyclone : Reagan and the Mujahideen

Photo : President Reagan meeting with Afghan mujahideen (the term for one enraged in Jihad) leaders in the Oval Office in 1983, one of them a woman. Operation Cyclone was one of the longest and most expensive covert CIA operations ever undertaken. More than $20 billion in U.S. funds was funneled to arm and finance the Jihadi warriors, mujahideen, in Afghanistan from 1979 to 1989.