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Biden our time

The Dementia Dude is pissing everybody off. People credit Sleepy Joe with all sorts of stupid mistakes and malfeasance. Some call him a continuation of the Obamanation.

Those who buy these lines are getting sucked into the show. The truth is much, much bigger and definitely more intricate.

We could go back to Agenda 21, the action plan of the United Nations from the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. The puppets from every country in the world agreed to implement this by 2021… we are there.

We could go back to The Georgia Guidestones, a granite monument erected in 1979 in Elbert County, Georgia, that promised to eliminate 97% of the world’s human population and CONTROL the rest.

We could go back to the The Federal Reserve Act of December 23, 1913. The law created the Federal Reserve System, the central banking system of the United States and an unconstitutional direct income tax. It gave control and unfathomable wealth to the the global central banksters.

I could take you back much further to Lincoln, Andy Jackson, even the Revolutionary War. The controlling dynasties have been documented manipulating world events for fun and profit for thousands of years. Their puppets are a dime a dozen.

Each administration gives them what they want out of it. The Obummers recreated a racial divide that was pretty-much gone. Populist president Slick Willy gave us executive orders that eliminated any balance of power the House and Senate could offer. Trump gave us hope that The Swamp could be drained, the rats run out of DC. Pedo Joe gave us proof that elections and voting don’t matter.

What are the puppetmasters up to now?

They created a Messiah with tremendous, loyal, enthusiastic following. What he said he would do, promised to do and seemed to almost do were things middle American had wished for nearly all their lives. Just a little more time and he could have fixed all that corruption… fershur.

But the election was blatantly stolen by the worst presidential candidate EVER. Or were Biden/Harris simply put in place to provide cover for some dirty work that the masses HOPE their Messiah will come back and fix?

The fraud was obvious. The controllers can flip a switch anytime they want to and our favorite boy is back in office. I doubt he was ever not.

February 2020, Trump declared a “State Of Emergency” (COVID, you understand) which turned control of the federal administration over to FEMA. Not legally, mind you, but close enough that nobody can fight it. Some nameless, faceless, anonymous group of individuals are calling the shots… REGARDLESS of which sock puppet wears the POTUS hat. That State Of Emergency is still in effect.

It is all a show. Governments will not correct themselves. We will not vote any improvements in.
It will get uglier… by A LOT.
Trump is not going to save us.
Only WE can do that.