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The Trump/Biden good-cop/bad-cop show

I came up with a new way to view the theater being played out to manipulate our emotions and thoughts.

Starting from the foundation of President Trump declaring a national emergency in February 2020 which turned USofA operation over to FEMA … via multiple extra-legal, extra-constitutional executive fiat orders.

According to THEIR RULES, this country is operating under the absolute, dictatorial rules of a made-up department called the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

There has been no functional President of The United States since then.

There has been no functional presidential election since then.

There have been no functional “executive orders” from either pretend POTUS since then.

We do not know who is running the government of our country.

I repeat: We have no idea who is in charge of our military or civilian federal employees.

Read that again.

Does that not bother you?

They have declared themselves as your enemy. Are you aware that there is an enemy of YOU in charge of the levers of power within your own country?

There is scary, interesting, distracting stuff happening all over the world.

As long as the bread and circuses continue, who cares, eh?