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get yer programs – getcher programs

The grandest, most deceptive theater production of the millennium continues to get more intricate while simultaneously becoming more obvious… to those paying attention and thinking for themselves, anyway.

I don’t personally know a single individual who thinks the dementia pedophile won more than 20% of the votes. Evidence abounds that he is a stalking horse playing stupid while the team driving the Trump bus trashes USofA and the world. Average people will blame Pedo Joe then jump to stand, salute and obey anything The Great Messiah says when he rides in on his white stallion to right all the wrongs.



For all his anti-swamp rhetoric, the arrests did not happen. He endorsed the cyborg “vaccine”. The pending election fraud was obvious for the entire four years of his presidency. While it could have been prevented, past frauds prosecuted, it was instead allowed. Trump’s buddies, supporters and defenders on the front stage were up to their earballs in the 9/11 execution and cover-up.

Military don’t salute the dementia dude. His Air Force One is a disguised private plane. His oval office is a studio on a busy downtown street. NOBODY respects him or thinks for a moment that he is making ANY decisions.

On and on it goes. I watch, but have not methodically itemized.

That it works at all on anybody disgusts me. When they spring the trap we will finally learn how many of us were savvy enough to see through the ploys. That unfortunately does not include a whole lot of nice people I have known.

To the right is a video I produced and published chatting about the Trump phenomena and where we are in this show.

We haven’t reached the final act, but are well past mid-point in The Big Play.