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Stone Soup Kitchen

July 31st I published an essay about my Neighborhood Posse concept that has yet to gain traction anywhere I know of. See maybe my posse idea was simply ahead of its time, Neighbors and communities taking charge of their own defense is far superior to allowing gubmint and other criminals a semi-monopoly on use of force.

My Stone Soup Kitchen is perhaps similarly approaching a time when communities will recognize starving families as a threat to harmony, morality and security. While it might be convenient to dismiss those who did not prepare for food shortages with, “That’s their problem”, it would be incorrect to assume it won’t become yours.

The name comes from an old story of a hungry community visited by a man who claimed to have a magic stone that would turn a large kettle of water into delicious, nutritious soup for all. He placed the stone in the pot, added the water, then told everyone to go get something to add to the soup. Potatoes, rutabagas, celery and sundry sorts of things were added. When cooked, sure enough, they all had their fill of wonderful soup.

I envision a time where a model similar to this could provide unprepared families a decent meal every day such that they would not be tempted to resort to theft and violence as the only alternative to starvation. Potential enemies to your safety and security could become teammates against outside threats.

Anonymous donations to a central kitchen also dodges the high risk of donating directly to the hungry … who would return with friends and family for seconds, thirds, fourths and, eventually ALL OF IT.

Put your local Stone Soup Kitchen on your next shopping list. What can you buy today that is inexpensive and nutritious for future donation to community soup kettle?