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maybe my posse idea was simply ahead of its time

I first developed and published the concept of neighborhood posses nine years ago.  It was an integral part of my plan as I made an impressive run for Ada County Sheriff.  It was an excellent idea then, and was equally valuable in the distant past as well as in any future I can imagine.  Communities need to organize for mutual defense, protection and preservation of order.

But it did not fly. It has not happened anywhere I have lived. There is no significant difference between a posse organized by the local sheriff’s office and one built ground-up within the community. You and your neighbors could do this – and are more likely to, than being lucky enough to have a bright sheriff who sees the advantages on his own.

Interestingly, while I was in the “running for sheriff mode”, I introduced myself to the sheriff of Modoc County, in the very upper-right-hand corner of rural California. His paid staff was one twentieth (1/20) the size of the Modoc county posse. The posse was an independent, non-profit, volunteer organization called on for everything from the mundane to major regional disasters. They were HUGELY SUCCESSFUL in reducing crime, stretching resources and securing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in their neighborhoods. The sheriff was tremendously appreciative of the help they provided to the community and his staff.

It can be done. It can be near priceless. The success stories he told me were impressive.

But it is not normal, average, everyday …

One exceptional individual or several well above average working together could pull it off. Anywhere in the USofA. It could transform their community security, harmony and integrity.

Whatever you do, however, do not call it by a word a begins with “MILI” and ends with “TIA”. The ruling class so fears that possibility they will unleash the flying monkeys to head you off if you step out in that direction.

It would be very good to involve the Sheriff’s Office as soon as you can. In some cases that could mean running a good candidate to head that office. A Constitutional Sheriff and a neighborhood posse would be tremendously helpful to each other, not to mention what a prize they are to the USofA counties that have them.

Below is a link to, and the front end of the permanent page at this website describing the concept and linking to resources for anyone wanting to build a community posse. If you live outside The Bitterroot, just change the name.

Bitterroot Posse

Every neighborhood and community needs and deserves the ability to respond to emergencies quickly and effectively. This is best done by the neighbors themselves and better still if they can do it in an coordinated, knowledgeable coherent fashion.

We therefore organize among ourselves and train with others who can be helpful in our training and in case the challenges facing us cross neighborhood boundaries or are too large for one of our teams to handle.

Regardless of your talents or experiences,

YOU can get this started

in your neighborhood.

Print out the three forms at the bottom of this article, and begin discussing them with a neighbor or two.