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Have they kicked the sleeping giant one time too many?

The article below is from American Thinker. I check there somewhat regularly. You can see why and might want to add them to your news and commentary sources.

While author Steve McCann whiffs a few in this analysis, his ratio of SOLID HITS would make him the hero of any baseball team.

He and I both see signs that the soul crushers may be losing this one-sided war they are waging on us. At the very least, we have a shot at having humanity survive.

Steve and I think our side is waking up from an over-long slumber … and as millions of armed, angry Rip van Winkles come out of the woods to confront their mortal enemy, I would not be betting on the Satanists or whatever you want to call them.

– Ted –


The Duplicitous Ruling Elites Have Awakened the American People



Over the past three decades, a sizable majority of the ruling elites have been preoccupied with self-aggrandizement and cohabitation with the Communist Chinese, ignoring the gradual and now complete domination of many of the nation’s institutions, and most importantly the Democrat party, by American Marxists. 

After a premeditated fraudulent election underwritten by the same credulous elites, and with a witless marionette in the White House, these collectivists have been de facto governing the nation since January 20, 2021.  The past six months have revealed that thanks to these Marxists’ mindless allegiance to failed ideology and breathtaking ignorance of the American experience and citizenry combined with the now unmasked duplicity of the ruling elites, there is a massive awakening bubbling to the surface.   

This cabal has for the past five years marginalized, physically confronted, and repeatedly accused not only the 75+ million Americans who voted for Donald Trump but any American not in lockstep with them of being racists, fascists, and white supremacists as well as homophobic, xenophobic and among the vilest people on the face of the earth. 

What did they do once in power?   Try to bury the hatchet or just ignore this vast swath of the citizenry and hope they go away?  Neither.  They chose to further alienate the bulk of the voting populace. 

They are accelerating demeaning accusations and rhetoric and exploiting the January 6th Capitol incursion as a vehicle to isolate and intimidate many of these same Americans.  They are continuing to fuel racial animosity in the hope of further dividing the citizenry and colluding with social media to censor “misinformation.”  Thus, fomenting resentment, ongoing political confrontations, and a determined retaliation at the ballot box in 2022 and 2024. 

Committed to changing the demographics of the nation, the American Marxists have flung open the borders and are pushing amnesty as well as ultimate citizenship for upwards of 29+ million illegal immigrants and at least another 2-4 million more every year.  It is immaterial to the Marxists that the vast majority of these illegal immigrants are lacking basic literacy and employable skills. 

Currently, 30% of all working families (or nearly 50 million Americans) are low-income but above the poverty threshold.  60% of these are families headed by racial/ ethnic minorities.  African Americans, while 13% of the population (41 million), account for nearly 30% of low-income working families.  Another 39 million Americans live below the poverty level.

Thus, a total of 89 million Americans live in low-income families or in poverty.  The American Marxists, through the Democrat party, claim to be the champion of minorities and low-income families while they plot to ultimately legalize an illegal alien population equivalent to 75% of the current African American population.

The Marxists and the Democrat party do not give a damn about the African American population, native-born Hispanics, and the low-income white working families as the potential votes of the illegal population are more important.  As the voting patterns in 2020 confirmed, these Americans are rapidly awakening and turning on this traitorous cabal as they are becoming acutely aware of being permanently marginalized.     

Thanks to the Democrat-Marxist policies of defunding the police, ending cash bail, and curtailing the prosecution of criminals, murder, and mayhem on the streets of America has skyrocketed.  Now that they are in charge of the federal government, it is national policy to actively and solely focus on gun control and disarming law-abiding citizens as the only solution to the increasing violence and criminality. 

Currently, 235 million Americans either own or could see themselves owning a gun. The Marxists in the Democrat party believe they can effectively confiscate guns in a nation of 330 million and 3.8 million square miles by doing the following:  

1) Putting language in various bills that will in effect create a national registry of all gun owners.

2) Outlawing semi-automatic weapons.

3) Punitively taxing the ownership of guns, magazines, and ammunition making gun ownership unaffordable and requiring a federal license to own a gun. 

4) Expanding open-ended red flag laws allowing anyone to file a complaint against someone, ostensibly based on their suspicions, thus allowing the police to seize the guns of the accused prior to any judicial proceedings. 

In their zeal to overturn the Second Amendment and a centuries-old tradition of gun ownership that predates the Constitution, the American Marxists do not fathom the building tidal wave of resistance and push back from nearly two-thirds of the nation’s citizenry who view gun ownership as the only viable means of self-defense against the unbridled criminality wrought by the unfathomable policies of the Marxists.

Inflation, which these same Marxists have unleashed by their profligate spending, is set to devour the economy if spending and ongoing money creation is not curtailed.   Which they have no intention of doing as they are committed to a myriad of spending programs.  The estimated average annual cost of these proposals exceeds $2+ Trillion over and above current spending.  In order to pay for these programs and keep deficit spending at past historic levels, revenue from individual taxpayers would have to be increased by 150%.  The average American taxpayer will revolt and refuse to pay the massive increase in taxes.  Refusal to pay exorbitant and unfair taxes is in this nation’s DNA as the United States came into existence based on a revulsion to paying punitive taxes.      

Nor will the American Marxists be able to continue to coerce the Federal Reserve into “printing” trillions of dollars in new money for an extended period of time due to the very real threat of creating massive hyperinflation and potentially leading to a replay of the catastrophe of the Weimar Republic (Germany) in the 1920s. 

Thus, the resources to combat the recession/depression that is on the horizon will not be available as the nation’s ability to tax, borrow or create money will have been essentially exhausted if the American Marxists remain in power.  Over two-thirds of the citizenry is convinced that the economy is getting significantly worse and blame the current regime. 

The Democrats have introduced legislation (the “Equality Act”) that will undermine and destroy religious liberty in the United States, a long-term goal of the American Marxists. They are foolishly determined to overturn 245 years of laws, a four-century tradition of religious freedom, and one of the philosophical pillars in the founding of this nation.  

Currently, 71% of Americans (235 million) are members of a Christian denomination (160 million of whom are Evangelical Christians and Catholics). The destruction of religious freedom is no longer a hypothetical but a reality that is not lost on a vast segment of the American population.

True believers in Marxism have never been able to successfully govern any nation let alone one that has a 245-year history of individual freedom and free enterprise.  The 20th Century is replete with examples of nations that succumbed to a one-party Marxist-inspired oligarchy.  In every case, these were nations that suffered overwhelming societal destruction in global and regional wars or were nations suffering from societal dislocations due to not having a history of freedom and self-determination.  Marxism and its offsprings (communism, fascism, and socialism) dramatically failed and further devastated these same nations.

Yet, the American Marxists are, for the moment, in charge of governing this nation and thus are wreaking havoc on the citizenry that will take time and determination to overcome.  To paraphrase Shakespeare, the fault lies not with the American Marxists who are ignorantly captive to Marxist ideology and are few in number, but with the ruling elites who have betrayed the American people by allowing this scenario to play out over the past 3-4 decades. 

When a significant majority of those running for election as a Democrat on the local, state, and federal level in 2022, 2024, and beyond are defeated, the American Marxists will be permanently cast upon the ash heap of history.  More important, however, is the recapture of the culture by re-transforming America’s institutions.  The citizenry must force and endure dramatic institutional battles outside of government: in universities, non-profits, media, arts, public sector unions, corporate boardrooms, and the array of institutions that constitute the sinews of a self-ruling people.  The current iteration of the ruling elites must be permanently marginalized.  Just defeating the American Marxists will not save this nation for generations yet unborn.

Caricature by Donkey Hotey CC BY 2.0 license

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