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approved disinformation

In my disinformation essay yesterday was a screenshot from Twitter lauding the “heroes of 9/11 Flight 93”. THAT is approved disinformation. My response succinctly shooting that story down in flames was disapproved information – which is, of course, not allowed on media controlled by The Deceivers.

On a different plane from “that misleading information” the real investigative journalists and freedom fighters of the Internet put out is the stuff government employee teams and private contractors for them publish under hundreds of thousands of fake personas.

To the right is a sample of their work. They simply cut’n’paste an approved lie into multiple accounts they run under their numerous aliases that are sufficiently disconnected that the lack of variation in the text is rarely noticed by their targeted audience.

Understand that this is the full-time job for hundreds of thousands of Internet trolls. A sad life they likely resent. They probably hate you, me, themselves and the rest of the world.

As the Earth’s human populations become more firmly divided into blind believers VS thinking, questioning investigators, more and more people are discovering the truths behind important stories such as the major turning point the fraudsters pulled off on September 11, 2001 and twenty years of deep deceit following their big play.

Discovering, and more importantly recognizing the clear truth behind a long accepted lie is a major light turning on in a hall where the walls have hidden thousands of truths by dint of darkness.

These new teammates of ours, though late to the party are important to us and a sign that we could possibly win this one. They are also a warning to The Others that they might be losing. The villains recognize that as a bad thing that might include ropes and lampposts if it continues.

They are now frantically jamming chewing gum in the perforations of their leaky ship.

Their problem is that the faster they work, the more people they awaken… or is it just the increasing ridiculousness of their actions… or the obviousness of their evil as it continues to unfold???

I dunno, but more and more people are waking up to find that the picture to the right represents a significant portion of their friends on the approved social media platforms.

When the young man begins to suspect that the hot chick he is flirting with on Twitter is actually some ugly old master sergeant impersonating a fantasy girl, he will not be very forgiving.

Welcome to our side, Caleb.