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putting it another way

Much of what I was feeling and tried to express yesterday came to me via my social media / news media connections shortly after I published mine. Said a different way, and I think a bit better.

My source attributed it to “S.B. Mack”, but I cannot find anyone by that name in my websearch. The closest I came was a USofA Army General now deceased, a registered sex offender in Texas and an artfully restored Mack truck. I doubt it was any of them.

– Ted –

Words of Wisdom

by S.B. Mack

Here’s a breakdown of what’s going on and what to expect down the road:

We’ve been cast as the villain, which shouldn’t surprise anyone since we currently live in the upside-down.

We are going to be blamed for everything. And most people are going to believe it. Why not? They believe everything else the TV says, this will be no different.

Things are about to get really uncomfortable. A lot of us won’t be able to handle it.

I’m not interested in defending choices when it comes to my own body. I said “no.” It’s really simple. I don’t have to say anything else. Your move.

My best advice is to conserve your energy. It’s a year and a half into this thing. At this point, everyone has picked their side and dug in their heels.

“Planting seeds” in rotten soil doesn’t work. The only thing it’s doing is giving you a dopamine hit and tricking you into giving more of your time and energy.

“Conspiracy theorists” have been right all along. We said it was coming to this point and here it is. We know we were right. They know we were right. And we know that they know we were right.

But yet, most of them don’t care. Why? Because they picked their side a long time ago. It’s kind of like someone who stands by their best friend even when they know their best friend messed up. It’s just easier that way.

For all of us are seeking a path of truth, what is about to come is a culmination of everything you’ve learned or unlearned on this path.

You must control your emotions, you must control your actions, you must choose your words wisely and you must proceed with no fear.

People are going to come unhinged and it’s more important than ever that you don’t.

If you think you are in a battle and you need to win, I promise you, you’ve already lost. Because when you fight with yourself, you always lose, one way or another.

You are on a journey of continual spiritual growth, whether you know it or not.

The people we cast are villains are not really villains. They are playing their part. What they really are, are teachers.

The very best teachers don’t even know they are teachers. It’s your response to them that is the lesson.

This path is lonely. This path is uncomfortable. This path can be scary.

But the good news is, this path leads home. And there’s no place like home.