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trying to return from R & R

I have simplified the world into those who know what is going on and will resist with their entire body and soul with the others blindly trusting destructive, deceitful media, politicians, secret services and globalist banksters.

In my stripped-down view, the pawns will passionately resist any information that runs counter to their lovingly-embraced mythology … with religious fervor. There is no point in talking, guiding, sharing information with them. Even when their rulers change the narrative to the opposite of what they were selling the day before. Nothing will deflect them from their faith in officialdom.

On the other side of the rampart are people like you and me.

We are all over the Internet. We are completely skeptical of EVERYTHING we read, hear and see from every source. Information must pass the smell test. If the scent is off, it will take a lot of corroborating information to lend it any credibility at all.

I laugh as current debates like “are we entering an inflationary period” take place. Experts ignore the elephant in the room: the runaway printing press throwing unbacked paper dollars at trillionaires, anti-American invaders, a flood of parasites and any other dang place they can paper over established currencies. There are not two ways this can end.

But “trusted sources” say, “No problem”.

In this contest I struggle to add anything useful to the debate… or to feel that I am, enough to take the time to research, read, write and most importantly, link to useful sources.

The other side of me says that the climax approaches and now is not the time to laze about in my foxhole.

Stay tuned to see which little voice in my head wins.

This feels a bit like yesterday morning when I was struggling to awaken out of a dream that was a bit unpleasant. I knew it was just a dream. I knew that waking up would resolve the situation, but there seemed to be no force-of-will application through which I could wake myself up.