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“celebrating” Independence Day

In 1774 the north American colonists were an insurgency. Within two years they would become a revolution. They won.

At least that is what the history books the victors wrote tell us. But who won? What did they win? Are we “independent” from the former oppressors?

I am no longer convinced “we” won that one.

Eleven years after the British surrendered to the colonists, the Masons met in Philadelphia to hammer out a replacement for the Articles of Confederation.

The result we all live with is the USofA Constitution. Even the gaping holes in it allowing liberty’s erosion weren’t enough. They have stopped even honoring those words hammered out in 1787..

Theoretically, the British Crown lost control of us 245 years ago. Why do they still own our politicians, media and money? More accurately, why are all countries owned by the same ruthless, insensitive, oppressive &%$#@%?