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sadness in the community band

I have enjoyed playing trombone in The Bitterroot Community Band every summer since June of 2013. It is glorious to make music together with a large ensemble. Better still our shared enjoyment makes for good friendships.

Sadly, fear of the psy-op shut down the entire 2020 season. This year the volunteers who organize and operate the band appended this to the schedule of practices and concerts they sent to bandsmen.

from Bitterroot Band:
Covid- 19 Information
According to current CDC guidelines, anyone that is vaccinated is no longer required to wear a mask in public. If you would like a mask or bell cover for rehearsals / performances, please let us know. If you are feeling ill, or were possibly exposed to Covid 19, please do not attend rehearsals or performances. Even if you don’t think it is Covid, there is no need to get anyone else sick.

You are forgiven for not knowing what a bell cover is. Loonies put these over the bell-end of musical instruments to prevent viruses blown into the instruments from escaping out the far end and infecting the world. The same mentality cuts holes in masks for school musicians so they can officially wear a mask and still play their instruments.

I fully intended to go make music with them, never bringing up their acquiescence to the vaccine corporation that calls itself “CDC”, but I struggled to get the inspiration necessary to drive two hour round trips for the two hour weekly practices… something I had done weekly through six summers in a row.

What was holding me back this time?

I finally got it, and penned the following e-mail to the band organizers.

from Ted Dunlap:
There has been something keeping my spirit from enthusiastically embracing the opportunity to make music with the Bitterroot Band this year. I finally isolated it this morning.

The band organizers (thank you all for what you do) clearly stated that they will be a group who have embraced the widespread injections. I am in the other group who think of those jabs as biological weapons with questionable marketing and motivation behind them.

I do not want to pretend to be injected. I don’t want to violate your spaces with whatever I may be that would concern you.

Having sent ‘my resignation letter’, I skipped not only their practices, but their first concert too. While I received no response to the above e-mail, my absence from the concert triggered this note:

from Bitterroot Band:
I’m sorry to hear that you don’t feel welcome. We missed you at the concert on Tuesday! I look forward to playing with you again.

So I sent the following reply that remains unanswered thus far:

from Ted Dunlap:
I would enjoy playing with you and the band. I just don’t know how to interpret the signals. The e-mail containing the schedule also directed that participants either be “vaccinated” or be masked and have their instruments masked. I will do none of those. If I am still welcome, I will join you at the bandshell.

The point of sharing all this with you is one more example of how this 4th-generation (or is it 5th?) war is successfully fracturing, shrinking and destroying COMMUNITY… not to mention squeezing much of the joy out of our lives.