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Miami apartment “collapse” smells a bit off

At this point I have no information that the official story is not right, but I want you to look at these two sets of photos. The similarity is obvious.

One group of pictures is of the recent Miami apartment building destruction. The other is the Murrah building in Oklahoma City that was destroyed by bombs on a day the ATF happened to have no employees in their headquarters and none of their children in the daycare center there.

“Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett said: “This is a horrific catastrophe. In the United States, buildings just don’t fall down.”

” he told NBC’s “Today.” “It looks like a bomb went off, but we’re pretty sure a bomb didn’t go off, so it’s something else.”

Jennifer Carr was asleep in a neighboring building when she was jolted awake by a loud boom she initially thought was the rumble of thunder.

I read other reports of “an explosion”.

My nose tells me there is something else going on. I’ll be watching the real investigative reporter realm for more on this one. Something was important. Someone had to be silenced, a distraction from something else, and/or evidence destroyed. For example, the Murrah building destruction had ATF and deep state fingerprints all over it when all the evidence had been made apparent to us.

Whatever the official story morphs into, you can be sure that while it may include bits of the reason the building was attacked and people murdered, it just won’t be the truth.