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Humanity Awakening + Somewhere between 30 and 300 “vaccine” deaths per day

There is an hour of gems in this video. I will mention a few.

We are in the age of KNOWLEDGE.  All the secrets will be revealed. 

Keep up your vitamin D levels … plus vitamin C. Makes humans darn-near invulnerable.

We have been lied to … they are going to be pissed. 19 out of 20 Democrats have taken or plan to take “the vaccine”. Among non-Democrats, 3 out of 4 will absolutely, unequivocally refuse. Vaccine death will murder the Democratic voters, true believers, activist class.

We do not have “a flu season”, we have a vitamin D deficiency season.

Monetarily we are into a shift of the ages; a crash of the system. The fiat currencies will evolve into something unrecognizable with today’s vision. Chaos at the level of the death of major empires.

They do suggest that electronic currencies will get stronger while the dollar and other fiat currencies are all but dead. Hear I disagree… kind-of. Electronic currencies give control of our purchasing power to the powers who control the electrons. Those folks will not be your friends. I guarantee that.

The big banks may capitulate on silver this year. We may see it over $1,000 an ounce! Note that the COMEX (commodities exchange) price is controlled by the global banksters. The real price will be found only after they lose control. Clif High is predicting $600 per ounce, perhaps over $1,000 each. Do the math. Use your head. I do not give financial advice, but some things should be obvious.

COVID and “the vaccine” are depopulation agendas.

The War Brokers who have been in charge for 200 years are about to lose control.  We may come out of this in peace with the world. The evil schemers’ plans will fail so spectacularly that it will be truly liberating for all of humanity.

Biden probably received 20% of the votes. 51% of the people think Trump won. 30% of the Democrats think the election was stolen.

USofA schooling industry was captured in the 1990s. Their purpose was to destabilize our culture.