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I caught the flu

Last month I had a fever for a couple of days, congestion and cough for five days and felt a bit off for that whole time. It was a non-threatening, un-scary, normal human event. I stayed home, kept myself warm so the fever could kill the pathogens, rested as my body requested, drank water when thirsty and ate very little as I wasn’t hungry.

Put another way, my body told me exactly what to do. I did it and had a very brief, drama-free experience.

I may have had the only case of a normal flu in the world this year.

That is primarily due to the fact I did not seek council from the professional CDC shills. Unfortunately, my flu does not show up on the charts. Without a COVID test and doctor’s visit it just didn’t happen. I’m guessing that is a popular choice nowadays. Most medicine men are not motivated to do the right thing any more.

I figure they are still good at setting bones and stopping blood from leaking out of major wounds, but will not trust my body to them for much else. Which is why I have not been to an AMA card-carrier in … uh … jeeze it’s been 15 years or so. One visit was to a surgeon who helped me with a torn meniscus and another around then was to get a diagnosis of gout and a horrid, destructive prescription for it that I did not use choosing to change my diet instead… solving the painful problem in a couple days.

See gout out for that story and the diet.