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Summer of 2021 economics

The chart to the right presents actual inflation with Voodoo Economics stripped out of the reporting … thanks to for the truth.

At the end of this post, I present a little chart of what 12% annual inflation does to a $2 loaf of bread or gallon of gasoline. It quickly becomes painful.

Inflation is what Austrian-school economists explain as an unavoidable result of throwing paper promises around like confetti. The bansksters no longer pretend to do useful things with their fake, printed and electronic dollars . Their objectives obviously have nothing to do with anything constructive.

The Dollar Has To Die for their agenda to fly.

It is really THAT SIMPLE. Double the dollars in circulation and each ONE is worth half. Three, four, ten, twenty times as many and they get the collapse of all currencies in the world. According to their plan, we will accept a global electronic currency when presented with the choice between that and … nothing.

Inflation is creeping in on kitty-cat feet, but it is relentlessly coming at us. Those of us who buy lumber or steel are feeling it BIG-TIME. Groceries are up a bit, gasoline quite a bit, but still manageable.

You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

Yeah, yeah, you’ve been saying that for ten years.

So have some of the smartest, best, most knowledgeable economists and financial analysts in the world.

What rational man could imagine a society so weak and foolish they would allow their politicians to pour paper imitations of their hard-earned dollars (Euros, Yen, Renminbi, Dinars …) out of helicopters?

No MAN in his right mind would stand for that.

What is the limit?

We are about to find out.

They expect your currency collapsing into uselessness along with the false flag, terror and fake events coming around the same time will get everybody in line for whatever their masters will give them. They do not expect a significant number of us to zig when they order a zag.

I’m kind-of figuring that The Masses will be out of our way when the contest begins in earnest. Our side will enter barter and exchange economies with traditional hard currencies (gold, silver) underlying them. We will no longer plead with politicians for crumbs from their tables. Their Praetorian Guards will be challenging, but grossly outnumbered and outsmarted. With their equipment advantage the contest could go either way, but eternity on our knees is not worth any promise of caged security and daily rations of gruel.

Decorating trees with the strange fruit of those who set this up will go a long ways towards confusing and reducing the power of the obedient ENFORCERS.

We will be living in Interesting Times.

– Ted –

An example of what 12% annual inflation will do to fiat (unbacked paper or electronic) currencies. Note that 12% is just the early stages. EVERY time in history that this started, it accelerated rapidly to absolute worthlessness.

Year 1 $2.00
Year 2 $2.24
Year 3 $2.51
Year 4 $2.81
Year 5 $3.15
Year 6 $3.52
Year 7 $3.95
Year 8 $4.42
Year 9 $4.95
Year 10 $5.55

NOTE: If you are operating on real, sound, solid money there is no inflation.
Year 1 and Year 10 are the same.