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What if nobody set foot on the Moon?

In the infamous Hillary Clinton words, “At this point, what difference does it make?”

We can apply that to proofs that NASA faked the Moon landings. If every President since Eisenhower lied to us about USofA reaching the moon, would that make any difference to you. If every official or media reference to ‘those feats’ was building on lies, would that matter?

I think the answer to both is YES. Therefore I share these videos here.

I just reviewed my collection of fake moon landing video proofs. Each one is reasonably convincing by itself. The four of them leave no doubt whatsoever. Everybody since before the first one who was in a position to know the truth (as in every president in your lifetime) has lied about this … and what else, you should ask?

One of them provided this gem:
“NASA’s problem is: How do we live with a star?”

Meaning the story of four moon walks makes it challenging to tell anything remotely close to the truth about any other mission past the Van Allen Belt.

The lies likely extend to and past other NASA missions and any discussion of UFOs, aliens and much more.