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biological war defense posture

I am not so irrational as to expect everyone I come in contact with to have studied the current war against humans or even suspect that one is going on. Those who do are certainly more valuable to humanity and greater prizes in my personal community.

However, the indoctrination triumvirate of corrupted “education”, politics and lamestream media overwhelm average discernment. I find it impractical to maintain biologically safe distances from the cyborg infected populace. That forces me to develop a policy for the real world I now inhabit.

I refuse to spend the latter portion of my mortal trip through this place in fear. That would be a personality change as unpleasant as it is uncharacteristic. My body will either survive these assaults or it won’t. I have enough good years behind me to call this existence “a success”. I won’t end this concert on a sour note.

Moreover, those promulgating and prosecuting this particular war against an enemy so soft it doesn’t even know they are under attack are obviously too weak to confront a more aware enemy. They also indicate via their multiple marketing modes that the “unvaccinated” are too strong for them; that their biological agents have to be directly injected to achieve the results they require.

Okay body, do your thing.

I suspect that few reading this blog post have not seen my video collection on vaccines, but if you haven’t, peruse these selected samples from the ocean of powerful evidence warning about the war we are in. One of my favorite introductory-level videos is on the right. The rest of my curated collection is linked below.

VACCINES – the truth is available

“New” videos and publications continue to issue from our side in this war. But their side is far more prolific … it has the advantage of being attached to the magic money machine. On our side we have truth.

Interesting contest.

If your vaccine works, you have nothing to fear from me … If it doesn’t, WHY DID YOU ACCEPT IT?

This seems so obvious, but the fearful have been sold the package. Their logic engines are broken. I avoid confronting their fears if I can. I do not want to be the reason they wet themselves, or to trigger irrational fervor in them. I grant them their blankey-forts and safe-spaces. I don’t need those. My world is large and interesting without them.

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ABOUT US: America’s Frontline Doctors stands up for every American looking for the best quality healthcare. The doctor-patient relationship is being threatened. That means quality patient care is under fire like never before.