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Memorial Day

Henry Kissinger is/was a foreign-born high-level globalist who was USofA Secretary of State among other high offices through multiple Democrat and Republican administrations. There was nothing that everyday people could see making him so special, but he clearly was driving the bus (though I am convinced he was not plotting the route it would take … that happened at a higher level).

This beast has uttered a wealth of anti-humanity phrases that are widely shared here: kissinger quotes

I cannot think of Memorial Day without also considering the millions of lives destroyed by the globalists for their own fun and profit. Henry expressed the quotation to the right in General Haig’s presence. Through their actions you can see the globalists have been playing it that way for centuries.

I am a US Air Force veteran from that generation whose unconnected teenage boys were sent to Vietnam to kill, be killed, destroy or be destroyed. I gave USAF the better part of four years rather than face those choices… directly.

Decades later I understand the bigger picture that I completely missed in my youth.

All wars are bankers’ wars.

They do no fighting. They finance both sides. They win both ways.

With the knowledge I now have, I would do something other than help them.

Yet I admire and respect many of the military men I have known. Today I honor those memories.