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good sportsmanship

In these dark times it is important that we remember humanity. Some of us have it. We need to celebrate those times, events and people that prove the resilience, love, care and kindness that is built into the human spirit.

Please do not think for a moment that I am suggesting you pet rattlesnakes or give any quarter to The Evil Ones.

Just be ready at all times to give a lift, a hand up or a moral boost to fellow human travelers during our mortal passage through this period.

You may have read heartwarming tales of sportsmanship, kindness and consideration from time to time. I have and they really touch my heart.

I just finished reading a wonderful collection of such collected and re-told by Brad Herzog. It is a lovely, tiny book from Free Spirit Publishing, titled Inspiring Stories of Sportsmanship.

I tripped over it at my public library. Go there or just buy it.

Having thoroughly enjoyed the book, and researching here to share it with you I tripped over a large list of collections online that strike me as a good place to go when I need to pause and reflect on the beauty of humanity.

Note to self: websearch Inspiring Stories of Sportsmanship