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state of the union from The White House

I received a notice in the mail today from a place called “The White House” in some location called “Washington” supposedly signed by some guy claiming the title of “President” … presumably of that aforementioned place.

I noted an interesting evasiveness in the letter. There were no claims to represent “the president of the united states”, it did not mention “Washington DC” or “The United States of America” … it was like a bevy of high school journalist students were tasked with telling something that appeared to be something else.

I suddenly realized that I can make similar claims, after all, our house is white and we can make stuff up just as easily as they can.

Thus I recorded this state of the union message from The White House today.

The difference is that my look is reality, not fiction.

Of course I don’t have the ability to offer $1,400 bribes for listening to my tales. That does add a level of pay-attention to theirs.

It does not, on the other hand, make their BS into reality.