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Idaho, Montana, Wyoming at risk for 175 days without power

A pipeline feeding petroleum to Eastern USofA shut down. Of course the official story is Russians, Russians, Russians. Meanwhile, the governor of Michigan has suddenly decided to dishonor a 30-year pipeline contract to bring Canadian petroleum into the USofA.

Watching her actions on the scamdemic and toxic injections there is no doubt that she is on the side against us in the current war.

We can easily conclude they are toying with massive national and/or international power shutdowns.

One of the energy providers in our area, the one that has exclusive rights to juice our house, published their risk assessment in case energy imports are shut off. You can see to the right that we are facing up to six months without electricity, according to their calculations.

Even Colorado, Utah and Nevada are looking at a month. That is disastrous.

Well, unless you are a super-prepper. I don’t know any of those.

May not happen, but ignoring the warning signs would be foolhardy.