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I finally found a positive, interesting news source

If you have been reading my website, you know I am totally fed up with this act in the theater production that is our world today.

Everything the majority of the people believe today is lies.

Everyone getting any media time is deceiving.

Nearly all of the liars are consummate EVIL.

The program they are promoting is horrific.

Ah, but there is peace, tranquility, humor and relief in The Babylon Bee.

In the good-old-days it was the supermarket tabloids like The Star and National Enquirer that made wild, outrageous stories up about the people and events of the day. People like me did not understand the papers or their customers.

One day I read an explanation that gave me an appreciation for both.

Visualize a creative writer, good with the language arts, imaginative, with an active sense of humor absolutely turned loose to write anything at all about the people, places, events of the day. Think how FUN that job would be.

Picture the writers at lunch topping each others’ remakes of current events … laughing so hard they have tears running down their faces and their sides hurt. What a joyful job and place they create.

The Supermarket tabloids are gone.

The Babylon Bee is the modern replacement.

I thank them for providing a tolerable view of current events.