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day off

The show is unchanging.

The fake media and those influenced by it continue to pretend that Biden/Harris have meaning.

Those same presstitutes and audience act like masks and what they call “vaccines” are positive.

Vocal, active thinkers and researchers continue to debunk the garbage, but it is like a sponge soaking up from a firehose. The money printers have oceans of useful idiots flooding the narrative.

The trajectory will not change in small ways.

It will flip with a * BANG *
… well, most likely with a lot of bangs.
… gunna be a heckuva show.

Be at peace.
Love the lovable around you … humans, nature, life.
Find joy in every day.
Have some fun.

There will be plenty of days where that will be hard to do. Build your emotional, logistical strength for those days.