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I have been active with The Libertarian Party (LP) for 20 years – at times extremely active. I am currently an inactive chairman of the Ravalli County Libertarian Party. Please click that link to learn more about where I am with that.

Below is a message from the national chairman of the LP. There is good news therein.

– Ted –

Did you see yesterday’s census announcement on which states will gain seats in the U.S. House (and votes in the electoral college) and which will lose them? Given my tax policy background, I wasn’t surprised to see high-tax and high-regulation states are the ones losing seats (California, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia) and states with relatively lower burdens gaining (Colorado, Florida, Montana, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas). People seem to be voting with their feet. I don’t know what will awaken my home state of California from its bad policies but losing a congressional seat for the first time might be that wake-up call.

I’ve gotten some amazing emails from the Activist of the Month spread in the most recent LP News. Each month since I became Chair last summer, I’ve honored an LP member who has gone above and beyond with our Activist of the Month award. Do you know a Libertarian who is giving their all to creating LP affiliates, running for office, knocking on doors, phone or text banking, organizing outreach or donations, or being a positive force in their community? Let me know, and let’s make our unsung heroes a little more sung.

Are you looking forward to getting back to real life? To traveling? To meeting your Libertarian co-activists in person? I think we all are and we have just the perfect opportunity in the works! We’re getting ready for a formal announcement and ticket sales, but we wanted to let you know to save the weekend of August 28-29 for the Libertarian Party’s Fiftieth Birthday Party! We’ll be meeting where it all began, in lovely and inspiring Colorado. The venue is a lakefront park in Denver with plenty of fun recreational opportunities, so please DO plan on bringing the kids. There will be axe-throwing, shooting, and boating opportunities, plus plenty of time for just hanging out and mingling with Libertarian friends old and new. This will be an entirely celebratory event to bring us all together to commemorate our first fifty years and anticipate our next fifty. Details TBA, but please put us on your calendar!

Breaking news from New Mexico where national LP and New Mexico LP together fought off a legal challenge to our major party status there. Gary Johnson worked hard to win it for us and we’re going to keep it. You elected a lawyer as your national chair so that means we will sue and win. As part of our effort to be more proactive with legislation and litigation to get on the ballot, I’ve named Matt Bughman, the outgoing Wisconsin LP chair, as the new chair of our national ballot access committee. He’ll work with Ballot Access Coordinator Bill Redpath and our team to defend our 50+DC access. Help us get a head start on ballot access by donating to the LP ballot access action fund.

Want to get more active but don’t know how? Attending your state convention is a good start. State LPs are meeting to catch up with each other, campaign trainings, and electing officers and other business. I just got back from a great time at the Wisconsin LP convention (where I got a touching gift from Wisconsin Libertarians!), and will be attending Nevada LP in Las Vegas this coming weekend. Also coming up: Kansas (Manhattan, May 1), Minnesota (Maple Grove, May 8), California (Visalia, May 14-16), Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh, May 14-16), Arkansas (Little Rock, May 15), Colorado (Golden, May 21-23), and North Dakota (Ramkota, May 22). Full list here. Use the links to sign up and have a voice in the party’s direction.


In liberty,


 Joe Bishop-Henchman
Chair, Libertarian National Committee

P.S. – A NUMBER TO REMEMBER: 235. Right now there are 235 elected Libertarians holding office in 38 states. Big shout out to Sasha Cohen, who this month won 82% to be elected City Clerk in Dekalb, Illinois and one of ten Libertarians to win elections this month. At the Iowa LP convention Sasha spoke on how Libertarians can win, and I’ll share some of those tidbits in my next email!

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