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Anarchy is NOT chaos; it is freedom

I came across the poster to the left with the following attached. I have no idea who wrote it, but wholly agree.

The word “anarchy” was deliberately attacked. Very much like the definition of our country as a “constitutional republic” was reprogrammed into “democracy”. Words matter. Ideas are important.

– Ted –

Debunk the priest class and rulers’ LIES!

Anarchy is NOT chaos. It’s freedom.

Anarchy is a state of mind. An individual who has a moral compass and is aligned in logic. An individual who KNOWS no one has the right to rule another sanctioned being.

The North American Indians were anarchists, the LAST free people on this god forsaken earth.
Anyone who needs religion or government to rule their lives is a devolved sanction being. No logic and no heart intelligence.

Anarchy does NOT mean no rules. It simply means the people work together in harmony without ONE man or organization telling them how to live their lives.

The brainwashing is complete when a mass population believes anarchy means chaos.

You want to know chaos? Take a good look at religion who slaughtered people in the name of their invisible man in the sky. Take a good look at Kings who slaughtered people for land mass. Take a good look at your governments who made you pay for everything you do in life and are now destroying nations and killing the people in their own nations in this covid scamdemic.

That’s chaos and it all began in the minds of people who believe in rulers, masters and saviors. Fearful people who need a Daddy in the sky or on the earth to save their sorry ass and will not take 100% responsibility for their own lives and live in harmony with ALL people because their belief systems indoctrinated into them convinced them they are free. Any grown adult who needs any man to tell them how to live has SLAVE MENTALITY who NEVER evolved their minds out of brainwashing.