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no news is not good news

Nothing is changing. The scene, the props, the actors, the script … every day and night is an exact copy of the preceding day and night. The intelligent people sit behind their ramparts sharpening their swords and stacking up sandwiches for that day when it is inconvenient to prepare meals.

I do check in with reliable second-hand sources every day that I would be aware if the curtain rises on a new set. My sources are all worthwhile, and all a whole bunch better than the lamestream propaganda machine, but none is perfect. Thus the blend. is a good quick look at major international and USA headline stories. It used to call itself Russia Today. It is still news with an agenda, but not the same agenda as the Made In USofA psyop system. I take a quick look at the few articles that are new to me on their World News page and their USA News page. In a couple minutes I know if anything major is shaking loose.

I have a large collection of national, international and local news and commentary sources that I will roll through once every week or so, but for as long as The Manipulators and Schemers have played this act without substantive changes, I am seeing correspondingly stale content in the news and analysis front.

I then turn to a collection I call “social”. This is were Facebook, Twitter and the like would reside where they honorably operated. I will itemize what I have there.

Minds doesn’t have a lot of traffic, but the bits showing up there are more accurate, fresh and discerning than others I have found. That is particularly true of my channel selection there. It takes a while to figure out who to follow and unfollow. You could safely start with Ted_Dunlap.

MeWe is next on my list. I really do not like the name, but there is a lot of good content, people and commentary. I can run rather quickly through a status report to see if anything BIG has landed in the scenes grouped by: NO TO MASKS!, Montana Shooting Sports Association, GMO Free, a ham group, Montana Liberty Coalition, Keep It Montana and a few others. I’m there as Ted Dunlap, but do a lot more watching than posting.

Gab has a lot of posting, news and opinion that would give aneurysms to the 800-pound-gorillas of Silicon Valley… something I would LOVE to see. I am confident that a scene shift would show up there right away. However it has a large volume of re-hashing the same stuff that is being re-hashed everywhere else on the Internet.

I had 1,800 close and dear “friends” on Facebook, but knew I was contributing to a monster, even while I railed against it. So I quit.

I retain my Linked-In account, but go there only weekly or so to maintain a couple of groups I created and check on personal messages. LinkedIn is supposed to be job, employment and professional opportunity sharing, but political and media action can no longer be separated from the business world – if it ever could. The real problem with LinkedIn is that visiting their site INITIATES TRACKING of your subsequent Internet activities. Worse, my computer fan comes on as soon as I log in there. Somebody or something is directly accessing, exercising my computer. I do not like that.

That’s IT. In thirty minutes or less, I have all the world and national news that is worth knowing.

A person can sit in front of television programming all day becoming misinformed … or …