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false flag to HOAX the audience is being played

In a false flag event one party flies the flag of their enemy while doing bad things that then get blamed on the innocent party, or, as in the origin of that phrase, a ship sneaks up on or away from their enemy by flying the flag of another country as a disguise.

A hoax is far more common nowadays. Controlled demolitions take down three world trade center buildings to unleash a series of totalitarian deep state activities, airliners with willing or unwilling participants disappear altogether. A hole in the ground with no airliner parts, luggage or bodies is one of the supposed crash sites, cruise missile destruction of The Pentagon accounting office with no airliner parts, luggage or bodies is another. The third and fourth pretend crash sites were cordoned off with the rubble hauled to sea and to China’s smelters before anyone investigated it to find thermite and tactical nuke residue.

They were blamed on Saudi Arabs to justify war with Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Sri Lanka and anybody else the globalist might want to destroy for fun and profit. That theater production does have many attributes of a false flag, but the explanation does not match the available facts, so it is more of a hoax.

Before I was collecting and republishing videos dangerous to The Deep State, analysis of the George Floyd case showed liberal use of actors dressed similarly to police officers using cars similar to police cars, green screens to put studio acting into street scenes and a legless dummy under the knee of one actor while another blocks the view of the non-existent legs. It was a cheap show, but lamestream media ran with it, cutting out the parts that exposed the fraud.

Now we are supposed to be pissed because the actor is not being punished for kneeling on a mannequin.

It is the same with the theater in the nation’s capital building three months ago. An actress shot with blanks fell onto her padded backpack, deployed a bag of theater blood while other players positioned her for optimum camera angles. See here if you didn’t already: Resist False Flags And we are supposed to riot because one of the actors is going unpunished for the faked murder. Heck, they should all be punished for inciting riots and sued for property damage that resulted.

With the complicit media monopoly and criminal political class playing their parts, these theater productions don’t have to be all that good. Even a widely publicized school shooting training exercise at a retired, closed-down school can be played as if it happened in an effort to demonize guns that weren’t even in the show. See Sandy Hook hoax. That was theater … and not a particularly good theater production at that.

They are sloppy as heck on all these, but the television audience is okay with that.

Pick one. Any one. If THEY played it up, it was one of theirs.
Parkland shooting hoax
Aurora theater shootings
MAGA bomber hoax
While you watched the Orlando hoax…
USofA’s #1 vaccine is a hoax
COVID Test – 80% FALSE Positive + FALSE Science

Because the phrase “false flag” is more widely understood to be what THEY are playing, I often use it in my headlines rather than the more accurate word. Make no mistake, nearly all of the BIG STORIES are theater productions, though often blamed on people, groups or objects that had nothing to do with it. See some examples by searching this site for the words, “false flags“.

There are hundreds of them in the last twenty years. It is how they play the game. This is how they kill small business, the middle class, cohesive society and accumulate extreme wealth for themselves. It is how they crush life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I am not giving up mine for their theater.

I am not alone.