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take a Time Out

Lamestream news, counter-culture news, Libertarian news, social media, outlier-social media … this dang plague is EVERYWHERE!

History is being rewritten right before our eyes. And we are allowing it.

The campaign and election was a landslide for Trump. Probably a record for any time in USofA election history. Not that I am lauding that as a good thing, but IT HAPPENED.

The voting machines did what they were programmed to do. Whatever the programmers’ boss wanted them to do. This time it was to throw the criminal, rope-a-dope pervert into pretending he won.

The Alzheimer’s poster boy doesn’t get to ride Air Force 1, Marine 1, or sit in the real Oval Office. The lights are out at The White House, they faked the inauguration, the fake every news conference … BUT we are supposed to believe this loser is President of our country? It is an embarrassment for us on the world stage.

Do not allow it!

The George Floyd show was a proven false flag HOAX
The Sandy Hook School was a proven false flag HOAX
The Capital shooting theatrics was a proven false flag HOAX
9/11 was a proven false flag HOAX
COVID is a false flag HOAX
Heck, Pearl Harbor was a false flag HOAX

The people who live through false flag and globalist theater events owe humanity a responsibility to REMEMBER the truth …
and to squash its remodel.

Do not let your friends, family, acquaintances or anyone within you hearing allow the lies to stand unchallenged. If all you do for liberty and humanity is verbally and mentally fight for truth, your life is well-lived and honorable.

I can’t stand to watch the show. I am done with it. Even my usual reliable sources are spending far too much time watching, discussing and fretting about what is showing in the theater. I don’t care. Really big things are coming while this incredibly stupid distraction plays in your face.

I am getting things done in the real world. I am focusing on what I can personally see, feel, touch and have direct impact on. I am chipping away at getting my things in order. I am moving towards a world where the fiat currencies return to their intrinsic value and the supply line falls on its face.

It is helpful that there is nothing to see on the Internet… frees me up to be productive and to take time out for peace, love, joy, fun, art, music and creativity.

Let me know when the curtain rises on the next act – if you see it before I do.