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ammunition supply and demand

When did they start adding Unobtanium to powder, primers, brass and completed ammunition? The results have been in our face since the 4th-generation-war on us began a year ago. I have read many explanations, but none pass my smell test – that is, smelling like the truth.

There is just something a bit off when those of us rather select few who reload our own ammunition are, for over a year unable to find powder OR primers OR reloadable brass from the suppliers we have been using for decades. Loaded ammunition is also scarce with empty shelves where a HUGE variety used to await our purchases whenever the mood struck. Even law enforcement agencies have found their regular channels of ammunition resupply to be dry, or extremely expensive.

One explanation goes like this: The election of those who promise gun confiscation, sponsored violence and a police state has inspired millions upon millions of people to buy their first firearm, and with these new gun purchases they buy a couple boxes of ammo that the market has to produce in an unusual demand spike.

That’s cool, but those folks did not simultaneously begin the tricky process and significant time/money commitment to loading their own and buying up all the reloading components. These parts have been scarce for a full year now.

Another line is that the scamdemic shutdowns crippled ammunition production. Fine, but all of the manufacturers claim to have been running at “full production” for this entire time.

Something smells fishy, and it isn’t a fresh fish aroma.

Meanwhile, we get to deal with the world as it is – not as we want it to be.

Many point to the empty shelves and say, “Ammunition is not available.” That is not true. Anyone can go to AmmoShopOnline, CheaperThanDirt, or many other online sources and find ammunition available. (For the time being … the pretend administration’s media puppets are warning of police state assaults to kill online ammo sales).

You will also find two new features: prices double, triple, and much worse than they were in prior years, along with most suppliers putting limits on how much you can buy. Those who buy anywhere close to the old prices can easily double their money selling to others who haven’t found any ammunition at all. The prices will be high for a while… maybe forever.

There is your lesson in economics.

We economists call “The market clearing price” that place where supply and demand are in balance. We are still there.

A couple years ago, popular calibers like 9mm or 5.56 NATO were 20-30 cents per shot and .22 long rifle rimfire was around 4 cents a round. Many experienced shooters have enough inventory purchased at those prices to practice, target shoot, compete and hunt for many years into the future. Many others are scrambling. High-volume competitive shooters are frantic.

It might calm down. I find that unlikely. The market agrees with my assessment. The best advertised prices are now over a buck a shot for common center-fire and I found some run-of-the-mill Winchester Super-X .22LR for sixty cents a round!!! … and this is an online advertised price they are BRAGGING ABOUT.

For those of you waiting for supply to catch up with demand, I will gently suggest that your paper dollars have no intrinsic value while ammunition does. Look the words up. Think for yourself.