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Hush money received – what does it mean?

While the politicians and lamestream media call it “stimulus”, the only thing it is stimulating is the dollar’s power-dive into worthlessness.

They genned-up a gazillion new dollars out of thin air and sent a token to the people ultimately paying for it. Now every dollar that was already out there has a smaller share of the value they used to have.

Visualize a 100-gallon aquarium with a bright red gallon of Kool-Aid in it. Add a gallon of water and the redness is diluted a bit. Add another two gallons and you see it is quite a bit more pale than the original drink. Keep that up for a hundred years and you would be hard-pressed to know what color it started as. There is no color left.

Before the Scam-demic and “stimulus” cycles, most analysts put the degradation of the dollar’s value around 97% since the global banksters known as “the federal reserve” took over the USofA dollar. Those Kool-Aid dilutors printed more and more and more for their own fun and profit buying up most of the world’s resources with their windfall.

This last burst of helicopter money is likely to JUICE THE ECONOMY into a total collapse of the dollar along with all other world currencies that are backed by nothing other than the promises of criminal banksters.

They think they will own everything in the world. However there will be some of us challenging them to come and take it, or defend their claims personally. Turns out we can have it back if we want it. Their ill-gotten-gains are only theirs if we allow it … community by community.

Meanwhile, what is the smart move with our stimulus money?

Spend it quick.

You see this little boost in your bank account, but what your elected mis-representatives actually did was allocate a tiny percentage of their gross pork package to giving you the impression of an income boost. It couldn’t be much further from the truth, but most people will shut up about the gross debasement of the dollar because they received a little spending money of their own.

As paper currency rapidly declines in value, what it used to buy will cost A LOT MORE paper dollars or electronic versions thereof. From the viewpoint of an escalator going down, the departing floors appear to be rising. This particular escalator will be accelerating its downward path very soon and quite dramatically.

Ideally you get to spend it on things that have long-term value to you and your family. However, in other economies that have gone down this path (the track record is 100% of the unbacked paper currencies throughout history) even stuff you will never use skyrockets in value. Almost incredibly, people buy stupid stuff to sell later rather than hanging onto paper printed by banksters that ends up as litter in the gutters.

If you happen across a bankster in your cross-hairs, send him some love for me.