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path to the light

I am at a place where I see a confluence of entrenched powerful forces destroying a major swath of humanity with programs they spent centuries setting up. This is best understood from the foundation I often publish related to The Georgia Guidestones, United Nations Agenda 21, Agenda 2020, and Agenda 2030

I am reminded of a quotation attributed to Harriet Tubman:

“I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”

Those who would rule the world are running all paper currencies off a cliff, destroying the food supply, wrecking nature, torturing their slaves with oxygen-depleting cultural-depriving infectious masks, and injecting them with Luciferian DNA-altering toxins.

The Bitterroot has a higher proportion of free men than most places, but it is hard to not notice the successes the Satanists are having globally. The most painful part is watching good people I know have their lives destroyed without a fight … and knowing this is happening to people and cultures around the world.

The human spirit is, or should I say can be powerful, resilient, resourceful, creative and capable of resolving the challenges we currently face. That is if we try. I am happy to be among those kinds of people, but frustrated with wonderful, kind people who do not understand what their masters are doing to them.

The path I have been on has become increasingly hard to tolerate. So I stalled out a bit. A good friend introduced me to the video linked below. Thanking him I likened it to taking a machete to a thicket enabling me to see a new path to light. That image inspired me to finally get back to the peace and expression I find while doing art work. Drawing, painting, and music are elite among expressive activities that bring peace in the mere doing of them. The results do not have to be great, grand or marketable. The process is the point, but with this drawing I think you can see the impression I was trying to express.

I am sorry I cannot include this pivotal video here, but promise you it is worth the trip to go see this interview on a channel the creator calls “Conversations of Consequence“.

If you, like I, are impressed with Sacha Stone’s knowledge and the information he presents, you can see a lot more of him at his website